Branding and logos guidelines

Acknowledging IMMANA funding

Holders of IMMANA Grants and Fellowships should acknowledge IMMANA funding on all public-facing materials related to their Grant/ Fellowship, such as presentations, leaflets or websites. 

The following phrasing should be used: 
''This project is funded by Competitive Research Grants to Develop Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA Grants).'' 
''This project is funded by Postdoctoral Fellowships on Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA Fellowships).''

In addition to the phrasing above, the IMMANA logo should be used at least once per document and the funder (UK Aid) should be acknowledged - please see guidelines below. 

If you have any questions or if you need other formats of the IMMANA logo, please contact Anna Marry, the IMMANA Research Uptake and Knowledge Manager


These logos may be used by IMMANA Grantees, Fellows and partners without prior permission for any relevant materials pertaining to IMMANA research, activities or collaborations. Permission to use the logos outside these parameters should be sought in advance. 

Use of the logo
The logo should be used on websites, powerpoint presentations, leaflets and other similar documents. We recommend that the logo is placed on a pale background in the right bottom corner of the document. 
The logo can be used in conjunction with other logos (e.g. the project's lead institution). 
The logo should be big enough for the full text to be readable. It must not be distorted in any way and no other textual or visual elements should be placed within it. 
A high resolution format to be used in printing is available on request. 

Use of the logo
This version of the logo can be used on social media, such as Twitter, where the full logo would not display correctly. 

IMMANA colours

The IMMANA pantone can be matched by using the following colour codes:
C63 M21 Y5 K0
R96 G167 B213

Acknowledging the funder

Where the IMMANA logo is displayed it is standard to also acknowledge IMMANA’s key funder; UK Aid. The following logos and language should be used:In any initial reference to IMMANA, the funder, UK Aid, should also be credited. The following wording can be used as a guide:

‘IMMANA is funded with UK aid from the UK government’ or ‘this project was funded with UK aid from the British people’

Please see UK Aid’s branding guidelines for further clarity on this.

Link: additional brandining guidelines

Examples of documents with IMMANA branding 

Word document