7 April 2016

IMMANA Fellow, Matilda Laar discusses her pilot study that seeks to determine the feasibility of using the new tools in monitoring the nutritional quality of the school meals and links to local agriculture

16 March 2016

IMMANA Fellow, Mieghan Bruce hosted the first IMMANA Journal Club which explored livestock ownership, consumption of animal sourced foods and child nutrition.

3 March 2016

Interview with Bekele Megersa, Ethiopia, IMMANA Fellowship holder under Round 1

20 January 2016

Dr. Cynthia Matare, holder of an IMMANA Fellowship, blogs about methodological issues involved in measuring women's time use.

6 January 2016

IMMANA Grant holder Dr. Todd Rosenstock from ICRAF blogs about COP21 and links among climate, agriculture, and nutrition for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

22 October 2015

The process leading to the new Sustainable Development Goals has provoked much debate concerning appropriate metrics. Patrick Webb explains why good data is required for effective evidence-based policy-making.

different food groups
7 October 2015

New IMMANA blog sheds light on methodological issues with measuring sustainable diets.