IMMANA Grants Round 2: Stage 2

Stage 2 application process

The review of Round 2 concept memos is now complete and we invite successful applicants to submit a full proposal.


Only applicants short-listed under the Concept Note stage (stage 1) of the application process are invited to submit a full proposals. Any changes to the approved concept note in terms of project scope and objectives, purpose, relevance and original partnership are no allowed.

The full proposal should consist of the following:

  1. Completed full proposal template (as emailed to applicants)

  2. Completed excel budget template (as emailed to applicants)

  3. Letter of support from each institution named in the application form provided as a scanned electronic copy on headed paper

More detail on the formatting and institutional requirements can be found in the IMMANA Grants R2 FA Guidelines.

Budget and duration

Each IMMANA grant in the second and final round of funding will be a maximum of £250,000 and up to 10 grants. All budgets should be submitted in pound sterling (£).  The maximum duration for the second round of grants is two years with an estimated starting date on 1 November 2016. All awarded IMMANA grants must be completed by 1 November 2018. 

Selection process

The potential of the research and its overall impact will be an important criterion in the assessment of proposals. The proposed research is expected to generate innovative and high quality methods, metrics and tools for application in the short to medium term for improving agriculture and food systems’ contributions to nutrition and health in LMICs. The research is expected to generate global public goods and publications in high quality scientific journals. The applicants and co-applicants are expected to have a demonstrable capacity to deliver high quality research in the relevant areas. More information on the reviewing criteria can found in the IMMANA Grants R2 FA Guidelines.

Proposal submission

Full proposals must be submitted by July 28th, 2016 23:59 GMT and late submissions will not be accepted. Applicants must submit their application using the online form, email submissions will not be accepted.

In order to successfully complete the full proposal submission the following steps will be required:

  1. Download a full proposal template and excel budget template: Please keep to within the word limits for each question. Proposals that are not submitted in the correct format will not be accepted

  2. Complete the template offline

  3. Complete the online form below (applicants to complete basic questions about the proposed project and individuals involved)

  4. Upload the completed full proposal template, excel budget template and letter(s) of support

Key documents for download


Online form