The research community welcomes ANH Academy

Leaders of major research initiatives in agriculture, nutrition and health have welcomed the establishment of the ANH Academy. 

They said: 

'I see the (ANH) Academy as a platform for synergies to be built... (It is an) opportunity to bring together agriculturalists, food technologists and nutritionists working in harmony and building networks.'
Dr. Francis Zotor, President, African Nutrition Society

'Since agri-health is a new discipline, there are very few skilled people... I think the (ANH) Academy can fulfill an important role by being a resource for knowledge and expertise in this area.'
Prof. Prakash Shetty, CEO, Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA)​

'We are excited about the launch of the (ANH) Academy, because:
Where do you shop for advice (in agriculture and health)?
Where do you find the experts? 
Where do you showcase results?
And where do you interface with others? 
That's what we see the (ANH) Academy bringing.'
Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda, CEO, FANRPAN