New IMMANA briefing note: Agri-food; a rapid assessment tool for designing nutrition and agriculture programmes.

A new policy brief has been published from the IMMANA Grant-funded project on Agri-food - Development and validation of a rapid assessment tool to identify nutrient gaps in local food systems and help design nutrition sensitive interventions for agriculture projects, LSHTM.

Agri-food is a diet modelling tool to help programme planners decide which foods to promote for consumption and/or production in nutrition and agriculture interventions. It was designed to support the identification and prioritisation of food options when there are multiple, possibly conflicting, criteria for the decision and to foster consensus building across different stakeholders. In addition to nutrition criteria, Agri-food can consider relevant agriculture, environmental and gender criteria, and the value that different stakeholders place on these. The web-based tool is open access and was designed to be user-friendly so that it can be rapidly applied for participatory programme design.

Photo credit: Agri-food/Frances Knight