Meet the latest IMMANA Fellow: Saiful Islam

Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam is the latest IMMANA Fellow to start the second round of projects on innovative research methods to link agriculture, nutrition, and health in low and middle-income countries throughout the world. Dr. Islam comes to IMMANA with a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Bonn, Germany, and was recently awarded the prestigious 2016 Josef G. Knoll European Science Award for his dissertation "Impact of technological innovation on the poor: integrated aquaculture-agriculture in Bangladesh"

Dr. Islam’s IMMANA Fellowship research will be based at Bangladesh Agricultural University and will investigate causal linkages between fish consumption and nutritional outcomes, including aquacultural characteristics of fish sources as well as the consumer demand dynamics in Bangladesh.

He recently began the first phase of his IMMANA Fellowship, and we look forward to providing updates about his experiences on our blog.


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