News and events

5 October 2017

This blog by an IMMANA Grantee team member tells the tale of rural life in Odisha and Bihar, INdia, that limit healthcare access of many poor individuals, especially women.

21 September 2017

Sweta Bhusan discusses one dimension of decision-making that revolves around procuring, preparing and serving food to household members.

21 September 2017

IMMANA Grantee Sudha Narayanan talked to rural woman in India about their ideas of empowerment. 

20 September 2017

IMMANA Fellowships Coordinator Zak Gersten blogs about why you should apply for our final round of funding.

30 June 2017

In this new post on the IMMANA blog, IMMANA Fellow Semira Mohammed Beyan explains important linkages between soil quality and human nutrition, and results of her research in Ethiopia. 

28 June 2017

In the run-up to the ANH Academy Week 2017, Caitlin Joseph from Tufts blogs about IMMANA Fellows' expectations of the event.

Women in Kenya using mobile phones
16 May 2017

Can mobile phones be used for monitoring nutrition at large scales in Africa? It depends on who is talking. Read more in the latest blog from the IMMANA-funded SCAN project. 

4 May 2017

IMMANA Fellow Dr. Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam blogs about the nexus between agriculture and nutrition in Bangladesh

21 February 2017

Caitlin Joseph explores how important gender equality is to achieving sustainable development - and crucially; how to go about measuring it.

11 November 2016

Just how useful are conceptual frameworks? The team from IMMANA's SCAN project weigh up the merits of using detailed frameworks to reflect the complex interlinkages in agriculture, nutrition and health, versus keeping things simple, understandable and usable.

2 November 2016

Matilda Laar discusses her IMMANA Fellowship experience with Caitlin Joseph

17 October 2016

Round 1 IMMANA Fellow, Cynthia Matare reflects on her experience as an IMMANA Fellow and shares advice for future researchers in her field.

14 September 2016

Without open data, is talk of interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration futile? Joe Yates and Zak Gersten discuss information sharing and use ahead of the first Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) Summit.

14 June 2016

Mehroosh Tak of LANSA and LCIRAH discusses the research she will present at the ANH Academy Week

31 May 2016

IMMANA Fellow and ANH Academy Member Rosemary Isoto talks about her research which looks at the effects of nutritional intake on labour productivity and earnings in Uganda