IMMANA Fellow - Rosemary Isoto

PhD: Agricultural Economics (Ohio State University, USA), 2014
Current Employment: Faculty at Makerere University, Uganda
Home mentor: David Kraybill, Ohio State University and Sokoine University (USA/Tanzania)
Host mentor: Bernard Bashaasha, Makerere University (Uganda)
Start date: September 1, 2015

Project summary: 
Malnourishment is common among rural smallholder farmers, particularly among women who do the bulk of agricultural work in many parts of Africa. This study addresses the effects of nutritional intake on labour productivity and earnings, using the 2005-06 and 2009-10 rounds of the Uganda National Panel Surveys (UNPS). Food intake from that survey’s seven-day dietary recall module will be converted to nutrient intake per day, for use in explaining the household’s farm productivity estimated from the survey’s plot-level agricultural module. Aim 1 of the study is to test for thresholds of nutrient intake that may be associated with higher productivity, thereby contributing to low-intake poverty traps. Aim 2 is to test for gender differences in the nutrition-productivity relationship, which could arise from systematic failure of intra-household allocation to meet the nutritional needs of one gender as opposed to the other. Unobservable factors such as skill or luck that affect both intake and productivity will be addressed using household fixed effects and a variety of instrumental variables. Results will inform metrics for nutritional adequacy, as well as measures of gender disparities affecting the agriculture-nutrition relationship in Africa.