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The world is changing rapidly around us. COVID-19 is exposing major flaws and inequities in our food systems. As a global community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working towards healthy and sustainable diets for all, our work is now more important than ever.

As this crisis unfolds, we are committed to staying focused on our mission of sharing innovations and connecting those working across disciplines and sectors who otherwise might not get the chance to meet. As we explore new ways to bring our community together in lieu of a physical convening, we will be guided by you, our ANH Academy members. Over the coming weeks we will be launching a series of initiatives designed to facilitate information sharing around the food system impacts and responses to COVID-19 around the world.

Use the links below to find resources around COVID-19 and food systems. More information will be added periodically.

Virtual events and recordings


Latest blogs on COVID-19:

Global food system perspectives on COVID-19

Global food system perspectives on COVID-19 is a living, open-access map of experiences, perspectives, opportunities and questions from researchers around the world about the impact of COVID-19 and other health emergencies on food systems, agriculture and nutrition. It has been developed by the Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy and its members.

ANH Academy members, please share your experiences, perspectives, opportunities and questions related to COVID-19 and your work based on where you live or where your research/practice is.

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