Making connections in agriculture-nutrition-health – ANH Academy and Ag2Nut Community of Practice

Date and Time: 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 16:00

10:00am EDT, 3:00pm Ghana, 4:00pm UK

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Have you ever wondered how to connect with people who are interested and skilled in agriculture-nutrition-health linkages in a specific country or region? The Ag2Nut Community of Practice and ANH Academy are platforms bringing together thousands of experts across research, policy and programme implementation to exchange ideas, learn and share.

Members (and those interested in becoming members) of the ANH Academy and Ag2Nut Community of Practice are invited to join this virtual meeting to learn how to:

  • Join Ag2Nut and the ANH Academy and make the most of the opportunities these communities offer
  • Connect with agriculture-nutrition-health experts in any country or region, using the Ag2Nut and ANH Academy websites
  • Follow the ANH Academy Week in Accra, Ghana (25-29 June 2018), even if you are not attending in person
  • Create a country or regional sub-group within Ag2Nut

At the ANH Academy Week 2016 in Addis Ababa, an Ethiopia Ag2Nut Sub-group formed and it is now 2500-strong! Fikadu Reta, who leads the group, will share how it formed and how it has connected people across institutions and disciplines to have a stronger voice, together, on agriculture-nutrition linkages within educational curricula and policy dialogue in Ethiopia.

As a follow-up to the virtual meeting, at the ANH Academy Week in Accra there will be a special side event on June 29 to allow Ghana-based and West African members of Ag2Nut to meet in person, and discuss forming a Ghana or West Africa sub-group.

The Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice (Ag2Nut CoP) is a global network of professionals working on issues pertaining to the intersection of agriculture and nutrition. The group is informal, and facilitates the sharing of information as well as networking among participants.




Fikadu Reta, Ag2Nut Ethiopia Sub-group Lead
Anna Herforth, Ag2Nut
Cecilia Gonzalez, Ag2Nut
Anna Marry, ANH Academy
Joe Yates, ANH Academy