Ag2Nut webinar co-hosted with ANH Academy: Data4Diets - Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis Platform

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Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00


Virtual - time indicated in GMT (London)

Webinar: Data4Diets - Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis Platform 

Webinar and discussion


Speaker: Jennifer Coates, Tufts University and Winnie Bell, INDDEX Project  

Data4Diets: Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis Platform 

Are you interested in learning more about diet-related food security indicators, data sources, and methods? The Data4Diets platform is designed to aid program implementers, policy makers, and researchers with identifying which diet-related food security indicators are best suited for their objectives, understand how the indicators should be constructed and used, and know which data sources and methods are preferred for producing these indicators and information.

This webinar will provide an overview of the organizational framework of the Data4Diets platform and a tour of the main contents, which includes:

  • Detailed information on over 40 diet-related food security indicators designed to help program implementers, policy makers, and researchers.
  • Descriptions of 11 common data sources and methods to determine preferred resources for producing these indicators.
  • Real world case studies showing how indicators have been used for diet-related food security policy and programming.
  • Dynamic online repository of guidelines, articles, and studies relevant for indicator construction and use.

If you would like to learn more about this new online resource of relevance to the Ag2Nut community, please join us on 30 January 2020 @9am (ET) to discuss the Data4Diets: Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis platform developed by the International Dietary Data Expansion (INDDEX) Project. For more information about the development process and FAQs about of Data4Diets, click here.

Bring your questions about indicators and methods that strengthen measurement of the linkages between agriculture and nutrition outcomes.


16:00/Addis Ababa   

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The webinar will last 60 minutes, including a presentation and discussion session.


Data4Diets - Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis Platform Videos 

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Data4Diets: Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis
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Jennifer Coates, PhD

Jennifer Coates is an Associate Professor of Food and Nutrition Policies and Programs at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and a Senior Researcher at the Tufts Feinstein International Center. Dr. Coates’ research focuses on the development of methods for improving the design, implementation, and evaluation of international nutrition and food security programs in both development and humanitarian emergency contexts. Dr. Coates is the PI of the International Dietary Data Expansion (INDDEX) Project, a Gates Foundation-funded initiative to increase the availability, access, and use of dietary data in low- and middle-income countries. Additionally, Dr. Coates is Co-Chair of the Technical Expert Advisory Group on Global Nutrition Monitoring (TEAM) and has served on the UN Inter-agency Technical Working Group to improve the measurement of food consumption in household consumption and expenditure surveys, the UN Expert Advisory Group on Food and Nutrition Security Measurement, and the Editorial Board of the Global Food Security Journal.

Winnie Bell, MS/MPH

Winnie Bell is a Researcher with the INDDEX Project. Winnie is responsible for leading INDDEX research activities in Viet Nam, including conducting the feasibility and validation study for INDDEX24 in collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition. In addition, she provides technical expertise and manages the development of the INDDEX Project’s Data4Diets Platform. She also contributes to the INDDEX workstream that seeks to harmonize and standardize Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys (HCES) in order to optimize survey design for food security and nutrition analyses. Prior to joining the INDDEX Project, Winnie had worked for over five years as a food security analyst and researcher with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Food Security Information Network (FAO/IFPRI/WFP), and Tufts University. Winnie is currently a PhD candidate at Tufts University, where she also earned an MS in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition and an MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.